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Kafia Someday Photography

The desire to “live everyday as you would someday” stemmed from my father’s passing. At a difficult time in my life, I turned to my camera to cope with this loss and used photography as an outlet of expression. I then realized how many memories and emotions a simple photo can bring. Twelve...

Korina Joseph Photography

(514) 451-2992

My name is Korina Joseph. I am passionate about photography, social media and design. I am currently studying Communication and Media Studies (and Digital Humanities) at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. I consider myself a multidisciplinary content creator since I specialize in port...

NyCEImage Productions

(613) 697-3714

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion.

We offer nothing but the best in photography, videography, video editing and video production. With over 7 years of experience in the industry NyCE Image...

Two vision production Inc


Our team consists of professionals experienced photographers, videographers video editors and film directors. Conveniently located in downtown Ottawa,Two Vision Production emerged from an idea of two award winning professional artists specialized in photography and short film cinematograph...

kymaani studio /Madebymagalita


creative studio special and fashion and textile design, graphic design and product photography...

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