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Get off the fence and Pick a Winner

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Some voters and pundits alike who tuned into the first debate think the events aren't worth saving.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden first Debate

Full disclosure I did not watch all of the the first presidential debate. Not because I was not interested or because I rather watch Netflix. I did not watch the full debate because it was so cringe worthy I could not take it.

I love presidential debates. In normal times, I would have watched every minute of it with my snack of choice (currently no carbs). This one was extremely painful. However, here's the thing........I think we need to pick a winner.

Pick a winner based on what you saw, what you heard and what you felt. I have heard and seen from may news outlets, social media and friends that neither candidate won the debate because it was an embarrassing display of three men talking over each other. That's a complete cop out and it plays into the strategy of one side. It is necessary through this process called the American election that you listen, you assess and you decide.

Each debate, each interview, each interaction you observe, is a chance to make small decisions that will lead to your ultimate decision come election day. Sometimes you may still feel undecided and that is fine. However, with this debate I think we saw enough to determine who you would want making decisions that will impact your country and loved ones.

Why did I say your country? You guessed it, I am not American, I am Canadian. Please keep reading! I actually have some skin in this game as my parents live in the US and I am very concerned about their health and safety. Therefore I can speak on this even if I do not have a vote.

So let's take a look at the debate with a mindset that we have to pick a winner because to not do so is well...... kind of lazy.

So here is what I saw. I saw a President who did not answer questions directly, did not really address the corona virus and all the mistakes that have been made. I saw an angry President talking over everyone and not displaying any mature debating skills. I saw a President saying the same thing he said 4 years ago about his taxes, "when they are done I will show them". Are you kidding me? Are people really falling for that again? Wow. I saw a President who just could not denounce white supremacy and could only muster a response to the white supremacists of "stand down and stand by".

I have my winner. Who's yours?


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