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Supporting Black Businesses

Over the last few months there has been a lot of conversation surrounding the need to support black businesses, this is an important conversation to have. Although the concept of supporting a business would seem to be a very simple thing to do, it isn't for everyone. Here is my list of Do's and Don'ts

Black Business Owner
Supporting Black Business should come naturally

Don't - Ask for a discount

NO Discounts

This one should seem simple because it is actually counter productive. If you are saying you want to support a business you should pay in full, otherwise you are actually doing the exact opposite of supporting you have now become an expense to that business. Businesses are built on margins, so in order to operate businesses need margins in order to become profitable. On top of this when you are dealing with start up companies it is extremely difficult to get off the ground, your support is needed.

Do - Find Black Owned Businesses

Since the horrific events that took place with George Floyd, the search for black owned businesses has increased by 331% as compared to the same time last year. There has been many companies that have made it easier to locate black businesses the #blackcommercegroup is an example. Take the time to search some of them out, and you will start to realize how great some of these businesses are.

Dont - STOP

This is not a trend, its not about supporting for a couple months and forgetting about it. This is not meant to be support black businesses during black history month and move on after that. It actually bothers me that I have to say support black business as if our businesses are any different, but I understand why it's needed. We need this energy to continue.

Don't - Assume

A lot of the time when I talk to people they assume that if it's a black owned business, its

Chris founded Soldsie to make it easy for small businesses to monetize their Facebook pages.
Chris Bennett, CEO & Co-Founder of Soldsie

gotta be a clothing store or a restaurant. Its almost as if people think that cooking is something that every black person knows how to do. Here is a bit of a secret some of us can't make toast without burning it. There are so many black businesses from tech companies to consulting firms and yes we also have restaurants.

Black businesses have been targeted by hostile individuals and government policies historically
Tulsa, Okla. race massacre

Do - Research

During the Tulsa, Okla. race massacre, white rioters looted and burned the Greenwood District, a prosperous African-American area known as “Black Wall Street. Black businesses have been targeted by hostile individuals and government policies historically. More than half of companies that have black owners have been turned down for loans, a rate twice as high as white business owners, causing many black business owners to get finances from out of pocket or family and friends. There is a reason that the focus of supporting black businesses is needed.

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